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Sistemas de Detección de Intrusiones, v1.01 - July, 2003 pdf | zip (pdf) | zip (html)

Extensive document of IDS written in Spanish language, licensed under GNU FDL. It covers several aspects of these Computer Security Technologies: History, Work Metodology, Implementation, Legal Aspects, Advantages and Disadvantages, Future, etc.

Diapositivas sobre IDS, v1.0 - July 2003 pdf

Slides in Spanish used at the presentation of the IDS project.



Receive-only UTP Cables and Network Taps - June, 2003 pdf
Cables UTP de sólo recepción y "Network Taps" - Junio, 2003 pdf

One of the disadvantages of a sniffer is that it may be detected by other hosts. There are a number of methods to avoid detection, one being configuring the sniffer without an IP address. But none of them are as effective as the use of receive-only (sniffing) cables. These cables allow a sniffer to watch network traffic without being detected. Therefore they prove very useful in environments with Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) or honeypot technologies (such as Honeynets).

This article was published at "The Hitchhiker's World" e-zine issue #9.

Building a GenII Honeynet Gateway - August, 2004

This is a short guide to build a GenII Honeynet Gateway, also called a Honeywall, under Linux, broaching the most common problems and providing several solutions and tips.

Installing a Virtual Honeywall using VMware - September, 2004

If the Honeywall CDROM is installed on a virtual machine, it will also include the many advantages that a virtual machine environment offers. This paper explains how to go about configuring VMware to deploy a Honeywall.